It's what's beneath the surface that creates the experience

Smarter, safer, more sustainable driver-vehicle interfaces

UltraSense Systems designs and builds SmartSurface touch interfaces, partnering with OEMs and tier-suppliers to enable the driver experience of the future

Powering SmartSurface Touch Interfaces

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UltraSense solutions integrate:

  • Multi-mode touch sensing
  • Illumination
  • Haptic feedback
  • AI/ML algorithms

Superior Tech

Highly accurate multi-mode sensing replaces mechanical buttons and works with the widest range of materials, including glass, plastic, metal, wood, and leather.

  • “Secret-until-lit” active touch areas enable minimalist designs
  • Configurable illumination and haptics offer a customized experience
  • AI / Machine Learning processing and algorithms eliminate corner cases for the ultimate touch pattern recognition

Global Partnerships

UltraSense Systems is founded and led by Silicon Valley technologists with unmatched experience in sensing, processing, software, and connectivity.

  • Long-standing global partnerships for supply-chain reliability
  • Optimized design-build process for rapid time-to-market
  • ISO certifications and quality management systems
  • Supported by prominent investing partners

InPlane Sensing for Modern Vehicles

UltraSense InPlane Sensing replaces mechanical buttons with easy-to-implement, robust and reliable technology – improving the touch experience while minimizing the enclosure’s volume, weight, plastic content, and assembly complexity.

A slim form factor = a more sleek design

Reduced weight = longer drive times per charge

No mechanical parts = greater reliability

Fewer part numbers = reduced complexity

See the Difference: Traditional vs. UltraSense InPlane Sensing

While traditional Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) are bulky and complex, UltraSense InPlane Sensing is the thinnest HMI, enabling new design possibilities, greater simplicity for OEMs, and longer driving range. 

Traditional Module Stack

UltraSense InPlane Sensing

0 %
Plastics Reduction
Sustainability / Recyclability
0 %
Volume/Cavity Reduction
Enables Modern Designs
0 %
Weight Reduction
Increases Driving Range
0 %
Part Number Reduction
Fully Integrated HW/SW Solution
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