SmartSurface: The Next Revolution in HMI

SmartSurfaces, a form of structural electronics beyond the touchscreen (often associated with the term ShyTech), make complex technology simple and user guidance easier by being invisible when not needed, enabling interaction only on user demand.

The result is an elegant minimalist cockpit design that creates a calm atmosphere by presenting an appealing decorative surface.

The Most Capable SmartSurface HMI

Use Cases:

SmartSurface HMI

Broadest Materials

Plastic / Glass


CapForce for Plastic / Glass

DualMode sensing capabilities of our CapForce mode delivers higher accuracy with the internal integrated Capacitive plus our advanced quad TapForce sensing delivers unmatched performance. Our additional ML Algorithms result in the intended touches processes and proper rejection of un-intended touches are achieved.



UltraForce for Metals

Metals often block most sensors, but not ultrasound. Our UltraForce mode delivers the same MultiMode performance as CapForce but operates where others can not.

Natural Materials


UltraForce for Natural Materials

Properly engineered materials such as wood and potential even rock like surfaces, both real and synthetic become possible with ultrasound. First step is a consultation on the material, and a test with our DevKit application to try it out.

Soft Touch Materials


TapForce for Soft Touch Materials

Specific applications such as SoftTouch become possible using the TapForceQuad mode, including natural materials, it starts with an initial consultation and integrated mechanical design craftsmanship to enable this material.

Superior MultiMode sensing accuracy enables support for the broadest choice of A-Surface Materials

The Most Capable HMI Controller

TouchPoint offers unmatched in industry features in four axis of capabilities:

Sensing Beyond Others

Superior MultiMode sensing accuracy

  • Patented CapForce and UltraForce (First) with open extensible framework
  • Piezo Electric Force Technology (First)
Fusion “Local Intelligence”

Local Processing

  • Fusing multiple sensor data streams at the edge
  • ML Algos: 1st and 2nd order

No Feedback Latency – Dedicated local MCU

  • Ability to drive multiple feedback device types
No Latency Feedback Control

MultiMode feedback

  • Illumination, Audible, Haptics

Scenario driven feedback types

  • Customize: Affirm/Decline, Warning, Service Attention, Status
Open feature rich technology that plays with others
  • I/O: Standard & Industry (CAN/LIN) 
  • Cloud OTA optionality and provisioning
  • Secure Communication, Updates, Feature Unlocking, Optionality

The UltraSense Difference

  • Effective and accurate sensing is the essential trigger event
  • UltraStudio SW: Integration of feedback tuning experience
  • Flexible product portfolio ( Good, Better, Best)

Traditional Module Stack versus InPlane Sensing

Traditional Module Stack

InPlane Sensing offers:

0 %
Plastics Reduction
Sustainability / Recyclability
0 %
Volume/Cavity Reduction
Enables Modern Designs
0 %
Weight Reduction
Increases Driving Range
0 %
Part Number Reduction
Fully Integrated HW/SW Solution

InPlane Sensing

UltraSense InPlane Sensing is the thinnest HMI option:

  • MultiMode Sensing 
  • Processing & Algorithms
  • Feedback: Illumination, Audio, Haptics 
  • Secure Connectivity

One Technology

Three Options

HMI Controller


HMI Modules


HMI Solid State Interface (SSI) Systems

Industrial + Automotive

One Partner

Ready To Roll

AEC Q100 Grade 2 (-40°C to 105°C)

  • Qualified

ISO 9001: 2015

  • All manufacturing locations are governed by Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001

  • Qualification Completion: 12/2022

Quality Management System

  • Governing system of processes & procedures
  • Foundation of ISO certification
  • Foundation System
  • Product Development Process
  • Operation Quality Systems

UltraSense Certifications

ISO 9001:2015/AECQ100 Grade 2

Global Manufacturing Partners


Our Why


Smart Surfaces are the future of HMI

  • Beyond the touchscreen, smart surfaces present capability when needed, and otherwise hidden, delivering a peaceful serenity and minimalist design.

  • Smart Surface HMI (Human-Centered Machine Interfaces) with a capable HMI controller and well-designed User eXperience (UX) is the epitome of seamless intuitive experiences

Your Key Ingredient technology provider

  • We are specialists in Smart Surface HMI, strength in Sensing, Processing with AI Algorithms, Feedback, and Secure Connectivity
  • We deliver the most capable All-In-One SmartSurface HMI controller 
  • Our competency in HMI plus Software and Silicon development enables us to meet the most demanding customers offering rapid Time-To-Market
  • Combined with all-in-one cost and architectural advantage; we optimize the supply chain with fewer parts that have high availability
  • We are the “partner of choice” for today and tomorrow
    • As a Silicon Valley pioneer, our ability to work closely with customers, our module approach delivers exacting capability today that will be integrated in the silicon of tomorrow. 
    • Our design-build process is unmatched, offering the best price performance feature set

The Result: Amazing user experiences and delighted customers

  • Distinctive modernity in design, signifies a premium experience
  • Frictionless experiences reduces cognitive loading and increases customer satisfaction and consumption of product & services  (AKA intuitive, accessible, simple and easy)
  • The perfect Solution for Automotive CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) objectives
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