Use the side or the back of the phone to enable a new user interface for selfies with natural one-handed control
Take gaming to a new level by placing super responsive air triggers and game controls on the side or back of the phone
Replace mechanical buttons for volume, power, and mute to thin the phone’s profile and enable new cutting-edge industrial designs required for 5G technology

Mobile Devices

The smallest size, lowest power, touch interface to fit into new generations of augmented reality glasses
Integrate the command and control of the smartwatch into the bezel
Implement new touch and gesture controls into earpods and headsets
Eliminate false triggers attributed to using accelerometer sensors for touch sensing

Appliances & Home

Implement touch sensing through thick solid state materials for home applications


Minimalist interiors replacing mechanical buttons. Intuitive and accessible touch areas so eyes can stay on the road and not the display
Replace static display button to reduce display size and cost as well as to enable new touch sensing display form factors
Remove capacitive touch lock sensors and replace with TouchPoint sensors to sense under metal
Remove bulky knobs and controllers by sensing under solid state surfaces

Medical & Industrial

Sense through thick materials in industrial environments or have equipment initiate operation with specific touch input materials (e.g. latex gloves)
Replace mechanical buttons and sliders with touch sensing surfaces for sterile environments that use harsh cleansers
Monitor liquid levels in tanks with external measurement systems
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