Sensor Fusion

Superior MultiMode sensing accuracy enables support for the broadest choice of A-Surface Materials. TouchPoint HMI controller, offers functionality in several offerings.

Patented CapForce and UltraForce  (an UltraSense First)

  • Open extensible framework delivers the greatest capability and highest accuracy with varying thickness

Patented TapForce our Piezo Electric Quad Force Technology with HMI controller capabilities  (First)

  • QuadForce node has four AC Piezo Electric strain sensors for unsurpassed force accuracy that enables greater data collection and advanced Machine Learning capabilities


  • Open and extensible software for User eXperience design and Human Factors tuning







Processing & Algorithms

Essential tools for the road to delivering 100% Performance and Accuracy

MCU Processing + Firmware

Greater Accuracy is the “Merit of Truth”
  • Accurate detection of touch
  • Proper Elimination of Accidental Touch
  • World’s smallest low power HMI controller
    • Sleep Power < 5uA
    • 1.4mm x 2.6mm x 0.49mm LGA package size
    • Configurable Power Management & Frame Rate
Zero Latency when  “Timing is Everything”
  • Local Processing for performance at the edge
  • No Latency: synergized Touch-to-Feedback
    • Drive MultiMode sensing
    • Drive algo
    • Orchestrate multiple feedback device types: Illumination, Audio Haptic

AI - ML Algorithms

Fusion AI “Local Intelligence”
  • Fusing multiple sensor data streams at the edge
  • Advanced AI Machine Learning Algorithms
    • 1st and 2nd order  enable enhanced accuracy
Fix-In-Post enables “Rapid System-Level Tuning”
  • Fix-In-Post (FiP TM ) technology allows tuning the experience throughout the development process to rapidly adjust and fix un-anticipated experiences

Software + UniDriver

Rapid TTM Development and Flexible Tuning
  • UltraStudio – Advanced UX Software to tune and orchestrate sensing to feedback
    • Ex. Allows OEM custom haptics waveforms tuned to your exacting specifications
  • Perform data driven human factors evaluation
  • Personas and Profiles to enable OEM experience and offer bespoke customization
Enables you to deliver the User eXperience “UX that feels right”

Orchestration Control of Sensing with Feedback: Illumination, Audio, Haptics

  •   Lighting PWM beyond triggers can impact lighting
  •   Haptic Orchestration of waveform and timing

Feedback: Illumination, Audio, Haptics

The Ultimate Control & Feedback Orchestration

UltraStudio software enables to properly sequence touch sensing to feedback for optimal performance

Feedback Control System

  • Multi-mode feedback to control Illumination, Audible, Haptics
  • Scenario custom driven feedback types
    • Customize Experience with distinctive status modes : Affirm/Decline, Warning, Service, Attention
    • Personas and Profiles support to enable OEM experience and offer individual bespoke customization


  • Advanced control of custom Illumination
  • Integrated PWM offers lighting effect  from color to dimming to heartbeat pulsing


  • Controls of dedicated custom speakers
  • Connectivity to existing network addressable speakers


  • Controls the broadest set of custom Haptic Motors
  • Enables control of default and custom haptic waveforms

Secure Connectivity

Mobility-as-a-Service ready capable of cloud OTA optionality plus feature unlock and provisioning options.

Secure Connectivity

Open and Standard Input/Output (GPIO) interfacing including raw and event data

Plays well with others

Industry I/O capability options LIN / CAN

Cloud support capabilities

Feature Optionality, OTA updates


Connectivity and API security options

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