Asahi Kasei’s AKXY2™ Concept Car

Asahi Kasei’s AKXY2™ concept car is a futuristic look into future mobility based on the evolving needs of our society.

True to Asahi Kasei’s 100 years of innovation in the material industry, their concept car includes creative new technologies that will add value to OEMs and end users. These innovations include those from strategic portfolio companies including UltraSense Systems with promising technologies that are actively being adopted by car makers.

UltraForce TouchPoint Z entry/closure system

The UltraSense Systems entry/closure system is a touch module consisting of its multi-mode ultrasound and Z-Force TouchPoint Z sensor along with proprietary algorithms to trigger the opening and closing of the door and canopy lift system. The module is contained in an enclosure with a touch surface of 2mm of aluminum. Both ultrasound and force sensing are used to detect a finger press even with a glove, moisture or surface contaminant. Six access modules are placed around the AKXY2 to for easy entry or opening of the door and/or canopy to view the many Asahi Kasei interior innovations.

The solution is the UltraSense Systems TouchPoint Z HMI Controller using UltraForce technology, Ultrasound to operate under metal, plus dual-mode sensing with the QuadForce sensor technology resulting in dual-mode accuracy plus machine learning AI technology.

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