UltraSense Systems appoints Ted Theocheung as Chief Product and Strategy Officer

Adds leadership to drive Best-in-Class solutions for Smart Surface solutions


San Jose, California – June 14, 2022 – Touch HMI sensor and solutions leader, UltraSense Systems adds Ted Theocheung to the executive team as Chief Product and Strategy Officer to pioneer the Smart Surfaces revolution and deliver reliable immersive rich digital user experiences.

With the exponential scale of technology, seamless Customer Experiences (CX) are critical to the delivery of frictionless user experiences. Human-Centered Machine Interfaces (HMI) are the connection points for people to connect with and enjoy their product and technology and is one of the leading ways that brands seek to differentiate themselves today. This human connection is the first step to enabling the exponential mass of technology and services. 70% of CX leaders outpaced their sectors and were three times more likely to have ‘significantly outpaced’ their sectors than mainstream organizations.“

In our mission to continually deliver the most amazing Smart Surface across multiple markets I am delighted that Ted has joined the UltraSense Systems family,” said Mo Maghsoudnia, Founder/CEO of UltraSense Systems, “Ted not only thinks out of the box, but can envision a better world without boxes, and that is the leadership we need as we revolutionize the world of Smart Surfaces across markets.”

In the Product and Strategy responsibilities, Ted will also lead Marketing and Customer Experience.Executive at several experience innovation companies including VP/GM at: Synaptics, leading the touch and gesture revolution; Leap Motion pioneering the 3D in-air gesture; AI Deep Learning company AllocateRite; and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise lead CX and critical business initiatives including the SaaS business transformation, Beyond-the-Box internet services and all edge product experiences. Ted has worked at design firm IDEO where human-centered design originated and extensively as a management consultant in multiple industries including and on key transformational projects at JLR, Mercedes-Benz and tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon.

About UltraSense Systems Inc.
UltraSense Systems is the leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions providing a suite of sensors, subsystem modules, full products and software focused on pioneering Smart Surfaces with rapid product integration capabilities. The Company’s core competency in delivering multi-sensory silicon and modules that integrate functions which include touch, haptic and lighting with extensive software algorithms and Machine Learning for a comprehensive user experience. The core silicon supplies sensor fusion capabilities through novel multi-physics detection and feedback for hard and soft surfaces, including metals, glass, plastics, wood, and leather for indoor and outdoor use cases. A global company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, and Europe.

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About UltraSense Systems Inc.

UltraSense Systems elevates the automotive touch experience with its Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers and InPlane Sensing solutions, enabling multi-mode touch sensing, backlighting, haptics feedback to turn almost any surface into touch surface. UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solutions for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers. For more information, visit www.ultrasensesys.com.

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