UltraSense Systems Ships First Production of TouchPoint Sensors to Customers for Seamless TouchHMI


San Jose, Calif. – UltraSense Systems today announced a variety of company milestones and product releases at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, January 11-14, held digitally at https://www.ces.tech.

The company is shipping mass production parts of its TouchPoint Z (USZ-10000) 3D ultrasound touch user interface solution to smartphone and consumer product manufacturers who will release their virtual button-enabled products to the market in the coming months. TouchPoint Z is a 3D ultrasound sensor system-on-chip (SoC) that combines ultrasound and Z-Force detection with a signal processing ASIC for a complete, standalone, virtual button mounted under different metals, plastics, glass and a variety of veneer materials. Measuring just 2.6mm x 1.4mm x 0.5mm (LxWxH), the TouchPoint Z sensor SoC is designed to replace mechanical buttons and cutouts in materials up to 5mm in thickness for a seamless touch user interface.

At CES 2021, UltraSense Systems will demonstrate several of its latest releases to scale its technology for customer adoption across various markets including automotive, home appliances, smartphones and smart wearable devices (AR, watches, earbuds, etc.). Customers are invited to learn about product updates, advancements, evaluation kits and a smart surface demonstration platform showcasing how to turn surface materials such as metals, glass, leather and wood into digital button surfaces.

UltraSense Systems develops ultrasonic touch solutions with precise, highly localized, buttonless interfaces that bring surfaces to life. The company has created the world’s smallest ultrasound system-on-a-chip that can sense through any material and replace mechanical buttons in smartphones, consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive, IoT, industrial and medical products. Its TouchPoint product line enables customers to deliver seamless touch HMIs on any surface, including metals, glass, plastics, wood and leather.

Watch a video highlighting the TouchPoint Sensors here and automotive capabilities here.

To schedule press and partner meetings during the show, contact ces2021@ultrasensesys.com or find us at https://www.ces.tech. To learn more about UltraSense Systems solutions, please visit us at www.ultrasensesys.com.


About UltraSense Systems Inc.

UltraSense Systems elevates the automotive touch experience with its Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers and InPlane Sensing solutions, enabling multi-mode touch sensing, backlighting, haptics feedback to turn almost any surface into touch surface. UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solutions for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers. For more information, visit www.ultrasensesys.com.

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