UltraSense Systems to Demonstrate “The Force Behind the Touch” for Display Panels at Display Week 2024


SAN JOSE, Calif. May 10, 2024 – UltraSense Systems, an emerging leader in automotive semiconductor Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers and HMI touch system designs, will be showcasing how its TouchPoint Q Controller adds force sensing to multiple sizes of off-the-shelf touch displays at Display Week 2024, May 14th to 16th, Booth 141, at San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

As car interfaces evolve to be more like a smartphone on wheels, displays of various shapes and sizes are multiplying throughout the vehicle for safety and convenience, including for the steering wheel instrument panel, front and back seat infotainment and HVAC system. With most displays being capacitive touch based, this presents challenges from false triggers to basic one-dimensional user interface designs. The benefits of adding force sensing are plentiful, including:

  • adding Z-dimension (depth) enhances UI design with touch position and force intensity;
  • using force intensity for higher confidence and confirmation of driver intent;
  • enables more immediate touch and feedback to the driver without looking with haptics or audio; and
  • eliminates false triggers from inadvertent light touches, wiping and ambient interferences like moisture and spilled liquids.

While adding force-touch to displays is nothing new with several different types of externally augmented force sensors and internally integrated display methods used today, UltraSense TouchPoint Q Controller(s) provides several unique benefits to other traditional discrete force sensor solutions, including:

  • less sensors required for better cost-effectiveness;
  • quickly augments existing off-the-shelf displays for fast time to market;
  • large sensing dynamic range to support a wide range of mechanical designs;
  • low sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • immunity to mechanical stress and aging stress over time;
  • true solid surface force detection without visual surface displacement;
  • on-chip MCU and DSP algorithms; and
  • and wider manufacturing tolerances without multiple stages of calibration.

“Having a uniquely positioned portfolio of HMI Controllers with capacitive, ultrasound and force, affords us the ability to ‘be in the room’ to help solve challenges of our customers, said Mo Maghsoudnia, Founder and CEO of UltraSense Systems. “More and more customers are coming to us with new ways to use our controllers and we are pleased that our TouchPoint Q Controller can be a solution for force-touch displays.”


About UltraSense Systems Inc.

UltraSense Systems elevates the automotive touch experience with its Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers and InPlane Sensing solutions, enabling multi-mode touch sensing, backlighting, haptics feedback to turn almost any surface into touch surface. UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solutions for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers. For more information, visit www.ultrasensesys.com.

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