UltraSense Systems’ TouchPoint HMI Controllers are now AEC-Q100 qualified for Automotive Smart Surface Applications

UltraSense Systems announced its family of TouchPointHMI Controllers has achieved AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40 to +105C) qualification.


San Jose, California – September 15, 2022 – UltraSense Systems announced its family of TouchPointHMI Controllers has achieved AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40 to +105C) qualification. TheAutomotive Electronics Council (AEC) set standards for reliable, high-quality electronic components and components meeting these stringent specifications are suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without added component-level qualification testing.

There is currently a massive transformation occurring in the Automotive market as interfaces migrate from mechanical buttons to digital smart surfaces for applications including steering wheels, center and overhead consoles, door controls and more. TouchPoint HMI controllers not only sense a touch input by way of dual mode ultrasound or capacitive plus force sensing and advanced algorithms that bring capturing intended touches and rejecting unintended touch to a new high. Add to that, these HMI solutions can also help supply feedback with advanced illumination, audible, and haptics.Achieving AEC-Q100 Grade 2 exceeds most in-cabin specifications.

“Our TouchPoint HMI controllers have been shipping in mass production for almost 18 months to consumer electronics and industrial customers and we are currently sampling to several automotive Tier-1’s,” said Mo Maghsoudnia, Founder and CEO of UltraSenseSystems. “Passing AEC-Q100 Grade 2 demonstrates the quality we have designed into our components and shows our commitment to the automotive market.”

Rigorous testing includes zero acceptable failure rates amongst numerous testing sets in the following categories: Accelerated Environment Stress Tests, AcceleratedLifetime Simulation Tests, Package Assembly Integrity Tests, ElectricalVerification Tests including SAE J1752/3 (Level N10), and Mechanical StressTests, making TouchPoint solutions ideal for the most demanding interior solutions including the steering wheel, center console, door, headliner interfacing touchpoints.

Learn more about the next generation of SmartSurface HMI input controller solutions and the newest In-Plane sensing technology that uses the TouchPoint Z HMI controller technology to orchestrate dual-mode sensing, local processing with algo intelligence, feedback control to include illumination, audio, and haptics, plus connectivity and security capabilities in the thinnest In-Plane Sensing solution available.

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AboutUltraSense Systems Inc.

UltraSense Systems is the leader in Human MachineInterface (HMI) solutions providing a suite of sensors, subsystem modules, full products and software focused on pioneering Smart Surfaces with rapid product integration capabilities. The Company’s core competency in delivering multi-sensory silicon and modules integrate functions that include touch, haptic and lighting with extensive software algorithms andMachine Learning for a comprehensive user experience. The core silicon supplies sensor fusion capabilities through novel multi-physics detection and feedback for hard and soft surfaces, including metals, glass, plastics, wood, and leather for indoor and outdoor use cases. A global company headquartered inSilicon Valley with offices in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, and Europe, the company investors include Robert Bosch Ventures, Artiman Ventures, Abies Ventures, SonyInnovation, Sparx Group and Asahi Kasei.

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UltraSense Systems transforms driver touch interfaces in automotive with its In-Plane Sensing solutions, which enable multi-mode sensing, processing, and AI / Machine Learning algorithms to turn almost any surface into the ultimate touch experience. UltraSense In-Plane Sensing includes a SmartSurface Human Machine Interface (HMI) controller for programmable audio, illumination, haptics, and user feedback. When integrated into steering wheels, infotainment systems, and other in-vehicle interfaces, UltraSense offers a more intuitive and modern experience for drivers; a more integrated, easier to manufacture and thinner solution for tier-suppliers; and greater design options plus recyclability and sustainability benefits for automakers. For more information, visit ultrasensesys.com.

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