UltraStudio 2.0 Software Beta Toolkit to Unveil and Debut at Smart Haptics Conference

UltraSense Systems provides transformative innovations to better HMI user experience and to provide rapid Time-To-Market advantages


SAN JOSE, CA, USA, November 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — UltraSense Systems announced UltraStudio 2.0, a SmartSurface HMI design software beta toolkit. This software will help accelerate HMI design by putting the control of touch, illumination, audio and haptics in one place to define and set an integrated user experience (UX). Tuning of the user experience for many user can be a very manual, often subjective, and time-consuming process. UltraStudio 2.0 allows designers to custom craft their UX settings and save custom profile settings. With the Human Factors tools, it facilitates human factors testing and evaluation preferences by storing multiple user profiles to help facilitate user opinions; rankings and rating experiences; and storing data to be mined and analyzed. It works with the family of TouchPoint HMI Controllers and is open and extensible with the ability to interface with third party sensors, feedback technology and open to interface with other UX software tools.

UltraSense CTO, Dr. Hao-Yen Tang, will be presenting at the Smart Haptics conference in Seattle, WA on December 7-8, 2022 and discuss the importance and relationship of sensing and feedback to delivering realistic and effective HMI experiences, and discuss how UltraStudio 2.0 will help accelerate development cycles and deliver richer end user experiences.

“UltraStudio is a dramatic move forward to enable OEMs to develop better SmartSurface HMI experiences,” said Mo Maghsoudnia, Founder and CEO of UltraSense Systems. “As an open tool, it can be used to quickly tune sensing to feedback and more rapidly enable a set of experiences that can enable the human factors testing process to determine ideal preferences. Paired with TouchPoint HMI controllers and InPlane sensing, ultra thin SmartSurface HMI is now a reality.”

Visit www.ultrasensesys.com for more details on our UltraStudio 2.0 and https://www.smart-haptics.com/ for more information about the event.

About UltraSense Systems Inc.

UltraSense Systems is the leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions providing a suite of sensors, subsystem modules, full products and software focused on pioneering Smart Surfaces with rapid product integration capabilities. The Company’s core competency in delivering multi-sensory silicon and modules integrate functions that include touch, haptic and lighting with extensive software algorithms and Machine Learning for a comprehensive user experience. The core silicon supplies sensor fusion capabilities through novel multi-physics detection and feedback for hard and soft surfaces, including metals, glass, plastics, wood, and leather for indoor and outdoor use cases. A global company headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, and Europe, the company investors include Robert Bosch Ventures, Artiman Ventures, Abies Ventures, Sony Innovation, Sparx Group and Asahi Kasei.

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About UltraSense

UltraSense Systems builds ultrasonic user experiences with precise, highly localized, buttonless interfaces that bring surfaces to life.Its TouchPoint product line enables customers to deliver seamless and natural interactions on any surface, including metal, glass, wood, ceramic and plastic. The company has created the world’s smallest ultrasound system-on-a-chip that can be used as a technology platform for delivering buttonless, new touch user interfaces in smartphones, consumer electronics, home appliances, automotive, IoT, industrial and medical markets.  For more information, visit http://ultrasensesys.com

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