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UltraSense Systems, Inc. develops and sells HMI touch experience solutions, that include its proprietary ultrasound, capacitive, force, illumination and haptics technologies.




Fabless Semiconductor & Tier-2 Automotive Supplier


Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Sales & Support: Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Detroit, Stuttgart


25+ issued/pending


Touch Technology

CapForce: Capacitive + Force

UltraForce: Ultrasound + Force

QuadForce: Piezoelectric Force

Haptics & Backlighting

Machine Learning


HMI Controllers

InPlane Sensing Modules

Solid State Interface Products


Automotive Interior/Exterior

Industrial Touch Interfaces

Smartphone & Tablets

TouchPoint HMI Controller Products & Solutions

Use Cases:

Broadest Range of Materials

Touchpoint operates across the broadest range of materials from plastic/glass to metals, natural materials including wood and soft touch materials such as leather

Plastic / Glass


CapForce for Plastic / Glass

DualMode sensing capabilities of our CapForce mode delivers higher accuracy with the internal integrated Capacitive plus our advanced quad TapForce sensing delivers unmatched performance. Our additional ML Algorithms result in the intended touches processes and proper rejection of un-intended touches are achieved.



UltraForce for Metals

Metals often block most sensors, but not ultrasound. Our UltraForce mode delivers the same MultiMode performance as CapForce but operates where others can not.

Natural Materials


UltraForce for Natural Materials

Properly engineered materials such as wood and potential even rock like surfaces, both real and synthetic become possible with ultrasound. First step is a consultation on the material, and a test with our DevKit application to try it out.

Soft Touch Materials


TapForce for Soft Touch Materials

Specific applications such as SoftTouch become possible using the TapForceQuad mode, including natural materials, it starts with an initial consultation and integrated mechanical design craftsmanship to enable this material.

InPlane Sensing

Solid-state InPlane HMI Solution

Solid-state electronics enables the thinnest possible touchpoints, reducing traditional and legacy switch interface modules by as much as 70% in some instances and as a result enabling touchpoint interactions in places that were physically impossible before.  In the arm rest or the center console, the retractable cup holder cover was just a lid, but now that real estate could be utilized to add touchpoints.

Center Console InPlane Platform Demonstrator

Seven TouchPoint Center Console Interface features: Touch, ML Algorithms, Lighting, Audio, Haptic Feedback and LIN connectivity

TouchPoint InPlane module
Backside view of a fully assembled demonstrator

Steering Wheel InPlane Platform Demonstrator

Solid-state Stalk Replacement

Muli-Mode D-Pad | Affordance - Increased Accuracy

Volume Control | Intelligent Gestures
Under Metal

UltraStudio 2.0 Experience Design Software

To make a solid-state touchpoint feel like a mechanical switch, there’s a lot of sensory control and precise timing of the feedback for lighting, audio, and particularly haptics. UltraSense has released an open architecture tool to enable better user experience design, with the goal to provide better orchestration of HMI events and tune the touch and feedback controls, including lighting and effects such as heartbeat pulsing and custom diming waveforms. It includes upload of custom audible feedback and of note is the fine control of touch to haptic events.

Safe Exit & Optionallity Platform Demonstration

Bear demonstration represents some “thought leadership” perspective to the advantages of a good HMI controller solution. It first shows that with essentially one door exit module this HMI controller can store two profiles, a basic exit and the premium “safe exit.” 

With Safe Exit the HMI controller communicates with the car’s existing Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and uses that capability to identify if there is a car or bicycle hazard if opening the door.

The TouchPoint HMI’s internal processing, and no-latency haptics deliver a responsive experience that does not tax the main MCU. TouchPoint’s internal profile capability enables simple state setting instruction from the vehicle’s ECU.

Manufacturing simplicity is achieved as one part is installed and it is software configurable. Safe Exit can be configured at the factory, at the dealership, and even through an OEM portal after the car purchase.

Plug-n-Play SolidState Interface (SSI) Demonstration

SSI’s represent the ultimate plug-n-play interfaces, they are pre-calibrated and setup to insert into a hole and connect.  These are used in industrial applications and automotive exterior applications including external door access and e-Lid applications.

Inside is the same TouchPoint HMI controller, that provides multi-mode sensing accuracy, internal MCU w/ ML processing algorithms, illumination feedback with multi-color and heartbeat lighting effects, plus optional LIN protocols.

Consumer Electronics

Under metal application in production LG Velvet 2 smartphone.  Utilizes a volume +/- button pair with dual speed gesture based volume control plus a display on/off button, visual cues and feedback with haptics.

CES 2023 Trip Report

See this excerpt trip report for even more details, photos and videos.

AsahiKasei AKXY2 Concept Car (North Hall)

The under metal UltraForce Touchpoint solution was in the Asahi Kasei AKXY2 concept car, had a kiosk highlighting key features of the vehicle including the UltraForce TouchPoint external door access.  See more here.

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